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Image result for buffalo wingsRestaurants are easily some of the most popular, profitable, and busiest businesses you’re going to find. More often than not when you go up to a fast food establishment around lunch time it’s going to be pretty packed – but people are going to be in and out quickly. Studies have shown that at least one in four American’s eats fast food every day. Food is one of the few things that humans truly do need to live. Here’s a fun fact for you – the longest fast in history was done by a Scottish man over a period of 382 days. It truly is still a miracle that he was able to survive for that long, but he did lose over 200 pounds of fat. For the average person, you need to eat every few hours to keep your energy up and keep going. Food is so important as the fuel that keeps your body going through the day. For a lot of people, work or just life in general may keep them from being able to cook for themselves every day, and restaurants are there to keep you fed!

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Food COULD be nothing more than the fuel we need to go through the day, potential energy to be burned. But it’s actually so much more than that, food is what a lot of people turn to for comfort and look forward to for hours every day. If we ate food merely for nutrition, we’d just be eating calorie packed bars all the time and have no need for meats, etc. But we truly celebrate food in this country, when we get together for holidays, we have food. When we want to celebrate, we do it around food. Food is everywhere. National chicken wing day has been a thing since 1977 if that tells you anything. America is a melting pot of every culture on Earth, with that comes just about every different type of food that you can imagine. In most places, you can get just about any kind of food you could want within 30 minutes or an hour. Food establishments are some of if not the most common businesses you’re going to find. Subway alone has 42,998 locations just in the US, let that settle in.

Taste and flavor are very important in our foods. In some cases certain foods can truly play pivotal roles in certain cultures. Food is something that brings people together – sometimes even in massive groups. Anytime we celebrate something like a birthday or holiday, we do it while focusing on the food we’ll be having that day. Food is something we just can’t escape. You’ll never be starved for food diversity, from Mexican, to Italian, to classic American food you can find it all.

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Whether you know them as buffalo wings or chicken wings, they’re all the same old chicken that you’ve always enjoyed. Buffalo wings tend to be done with some kind of spicy rub or sauce, the term has even carried over to other things, like a “buffalo sandwich”. Wings are some of the most popular food items in the country, just about any normal restaurant you go into is going to have a good chance of having wings somewhere on the menu. And if you want great wings at an affordable price, be sure to try Flippin Wings Clayton!